4 Things to Check before Calling in a Professional Commercial Maintenance Service

All business owners know that they need to hire professional commercial cleaning and maintenance services at some point. Professional companies, as the name claims, provide a thorough and professional service. They can repair office equipment, check the air conditioner, ventilation and heating system for any issue, remove grime and stubborn stains from the office floor, etc. In other words, after they are done with their job, you will have a new and sparkling office building.

There are several advantages to employing commercial cleaning services, some of which are mentioned above but there are more practical benefits to hiring them as well. A cleaner and clutter-free environment has positive psychological effects on your employees and increases their productivity. But when to call a commercial maintenance company? Here are some things you need to check before calling in a professional office maintenance service.

Plumbing Leaks

If you notice water leaks anywhere in the office building, it is sure sign of plumbing problems. The reasons for water leaks can vary from small too big and it is difficult for people without knowledge and expertise on the issue to locate the point of damage. It could be a minor issue with the toilet drain or it could also be a big trouble with the whole plumbing system in your office building. Call in the professionals as soon as you notice the first sign of water leakage lest in develops into an even worse situation.

Water pooling on Roof

Another reason to call in professional services is when you notice water pooling on the roof of the office building. It may not affect the internal plumbing system of the building, that’s why it is generally harder to discover and most of the time, the situation had already become irreparable when people do discover it. An initial sign of water leakage is staining on the wall and ceilings. Immediately call for professional help if you notice these signs.

Electrical Damages

This issues is not only dangerous for the office but for the employees as well. If you are having troubles with the electrical system such as, power outage, short circuits or something as minor as a broken and bare wire, then you should call for a commercial maintenance company at once. It is usually difficult to notice the signs of electrical damages that lead to fire hazards and cause life threating situations. However, regular office cleaners go through the whole office while doing their job, you ask them if they noticed any electrical damage and solve the problem early on.

Equipment Issues

If you are having troubles with the computers or air conditioners in the office, then it is time to call for professional services. That also includes ventilation and heating system disorders or other equipment checkup. Most commercial companies also serve as Managed support services and can repair all the broken down office equipment. You can call in a commercial maintenance company if it has been a long time since the last checkup as well.